A cabinet is one of the basic fragments of furniture and built for proper storage. Nowadays a cabinet is not just a cabinet but helps you put your best face forward with new mirrored surfaces inside and outside.

The cabinet is typically box-shaped looking furniture with doors and drawers where you can place your belongings neatly. Keep your space clutter-free by placing commonly used items conveniently at your fingertips without wanting to bend through vanity drawers. Home Depot Medicine Cabinets are with keylocks for storing various items perfectly.

Cabinets may have single or multiple doors, drawers, keys, and shelves which you can select with several selections in the marketplace. Short cabinets often have a finished surface on top to show. This is a great solution to protect valuable items from some kind of insects and thieves and fire.

01. Verdera KOHLER Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror [20 x 30-Inch]

Verdera is made with aluminum ideal for moist bathroom and offers high-end finishing touches such as slow-close hinges which averts the door from slamming and interior mirrored surfaces without a high-end cabinet price tag. When upgrading a bathroom space, every inch of space is important so this mirrored cabinet provides a perfect solution for the same.

For easy cabinet access, there are two-way adjustable hinges with a 108-degree opening ability for easy cabinet access. Can be installed in the cabinet with a left- or right-hand swing. The standard sizes are 30 inches in height and width ranging from 15 to 40 inches.

  • Made with Anodized aluminum
  • Rectangle shape
  • Elegant fit and finish with quick, easy installation
  • Excellence in quality and look

02. KOHLER Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror [15 x 30-Inch]

The Verdera family of cabinets is coming in single, two, and three-door configurations with adjustable tempered glass shelves for enough space within the cabinets.

To suit various bathroom spaces, this 30-inch-tall cabinet is offered in width ranging from 15 inches (for small spaces) up to 40 inches (ideal for larger spaces).

This best medicine cabinet consists of three different configurations: primary cabinet style; cabinet with magnifying mirror & slow-close functionality; and cabinet with quick access shelf, magnifying mirror, and slow-close functionality.

  • Sizes 30-inch height; widths ranging from 15 to 40 inches
  • Easy surface-mount installation: hang light as a picture frame and then save the bottom
  • Aluminum finish: offers a rust-free and long-lasting performance
  • Mirrored Interior use mirrored surfaces without closing the door
  • Adjustable Glass shelves tempered glass shelves adjust to accommodate large and small items
  • Finish your Verdera medicine cabinet with wood or mirrored side kits (for surface mount installation) or a wood frame (for recessed installation) (sold separately)

03. Slow-Close Medicine Cabinet with Magnifying Mirror

The Kohler K-99007-NA Verdana Slow-Close is one best Medicine Cabinet with the perfect finishing touch to your newly built bathroom. With limited space, you need a cabinet and a mirror but don’t want to be tied to all the different borders of other medicine cabinets. This is a beautiful large mirror with no frame around it.

When you open the cabinet, it gives the impression of a huge space. We can recommend this type of cabinet is great though it has large and has adjustable shelves and the adjustable best makeup mirror. The edge for opening the cabinet is generous and comfortable.

  • Easy to install
  • Elegant fit
  • In-built magnifying mirror

04. Confiant Mirrored Medicine cabinet

One of the best medicine cabinets with a classy mirror and clean lines. With all the experience in the bathroom industry, it is quite easy for Virtu to design and create what they consider simple classy, with mirrored surfaces inside and outside, this 20 in. This product weighs about 49 pounds.

This is a great and cheaper quality product with good quality materials that you can purchase with clever design and great craftsmanship. As well as soft closers are great. Easy to install with a magnifying mirror with lots of storage looks great in the modern bathroom.

  • Great mirror
  • Lots of storage
  • Looks great
  • Easy installation
  • Great quality

05. Croydex Triple Door Medicine Cabinet

This Home Depot Medicine Cabinets certainly makes a smart addition to the home. The advanced lock fixing bracket lets ordinary and instant one-person fix making sure stress related to fitting large furniture is removed. This cabinet claims a large attractive mirror face that can provide a nice look at a big surface of the bathroom.

The mirror after having drilled your holes making it easy for one-person installation. This cabinet is good for convenience with its pretty looking and durable mirrored cabinet, the mounting system is nicely thought out. This beautiful cabinet has plenty of storage with adjustable shelves. Cabinets boasting double-sided mirrored doors.

  • White steel cabinet with mirrored doors
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • Optional pin handles
  • Easy Installation

06. Design House Wood Medicine Cabinet with Light.

The cabinet doors are slightly and smoothly open tight-fitting dual shelves to store body wash, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, medicine, hair oil, and also makeup kit. This mirror will struggle to shave or marking in moist bathrooms. Use this mirror for shaving or applying cleansers and makeup in the morning.

This cabinet includes white wood material and its features provides a traditional idea with a bright finish and clean lines, sure to quickly restore your bathroom. The features of this is a durable white gloss finish, exposed hinges, three vanity lights, and also available the touch-up repair kit available.

  • Available in four different sizes with 3,4,5 or 6 lights
  • 2 shelves
  • Concealed hinges
  • Solid oak frame
  • Surface mount installation

07. Choochoo Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Affordably refresh your home with ChooChoo product, the company makes this type of good is gorgeous and always provides the best shopping experience. Their wood medicine cabinet comes with variable shelf height for your multiple storage range. The surface of the medicine cabinets for the bathroom is waterproof.

This Home Depot Medicine Cabinets has designed to make your house organized and beautiful without taking too much space. This cabinet will maximize the storage space.

This is used for multipurpose storage organizing with double doors home kitchen laundry furniture. It will give your bath or powder room décor a classic look. It consists of a number of 2 doors, 2 adjustable shelves. Moisture-proof of the medicine cabinet is ideal for every place and easy to refresh.

  • Affordable
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Elegance
  • Low resistance

08. Traditional Solid Wood Small Chinese Medicine Cabinet

Excellent and attractive style provider for multiple store items and other valuables that you have. This best medicine cabinet will bring an elegant look to your home making it extra gorgeous. The handles on the drawers are great of this beautiful wood finish and can be pulled smoothly. Can be easily maintained.

On this cabinet, the drawers fit perfectly, opens smoothly, and are just right for any hobby desk. As we mentioned early this cabinet perfect for uniting multiple home needs like handicrafts, jewelry, hair oil, makeup kits, tapes, pins, and thumbtacks, etc.

  • Fully Assembled Drawer
  • Spacious Drawers
  • Vintage Look with great storage
  • Stylish
  • Durable

09. Korean style drawer herbal medicine cabinet

This hand-crafted Home Depot traditional medicine cabinet style mainly used for storing Chinese herbal quality products and acupuncture. On this oriental cabinet, there are 18 small size drawers. This is a decorative accent in authentic Korean and Japanese culture blends both traditional and contemporary American interiors.

This cabinet includes one chest and lucky brass fish lock and key. This is amazing as it holds all your jewelry, essential oils, incense and crystals you have with space to spare all in one area. You can absolutely love this whimsical and unique cabinet.

Get an amazing experience with this cute, unique space element. You can use this as a “jewelry box” without scattering through multiple vessels.

  • Butterfly hasp hardware.
  • Handcrafted.
  • 18 drawers.
  • Durable.

10. Tamyoo Mirror Aluminum Medicine Cabinet

This Home Depot Medicine Cabinets is a rust free one and made from the aluminum. The surface is perfect for the colorful treatment and no chipping and rust also. This kind of cabinets are most suitable for bathrooms and outdoor environment locations. It ensures to use for fireproof, insect proof and waterproof solutions.

This furniture is free from formaldehyde and ideal for the perfect environment. Installation is adjustable and suspended on the wall. A side kit consists of recess or surface mount installations.

This sophisticated bathroom cabinet has the latest style. It offers plenty of storage to keep you well organized. It features separate lockers and saving spaces too. For its durability, this made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The lockers combine modern style with plenty of storage for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, etc.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Convenient accessory
  • Aluminum finish
  • Simple and spacious


We may think about where should we keep our valuables and our own belongings safely. This is the best solution and time to think about well-organized and animated furniture which are eco-friendly too. Home Depot Medicine Cabinets are built to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. It is much more important to choose the right cabinet with illuminated mirrors which will add supplementary features to your bathroom.

Buying Guide

In order to have a bathroom that doesn’t create a worrying and cluttered feeling, having extra storage is very important. If you have a bathroom where space is limited, you know the anguishes of having to optimize your bathroom essentials.

There are both large medicine cabinets and small medicine cabinets you can choose from according to the space requirement. Usually, the larger ones are heavy. Choosing the right style is also important when upgrading or remodeling your décor.

The most important element in choosing the best home depot medicine cabinets is the hardware. Having the right hardware can make or break your medicine cabinet since durability is more important than anything else.


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